Virtual Business Solutions is a full-service business support firm dedicated to helping our clients enjoy life more through delegation and collaboration. We serve small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Our virtual team includes freelance professionals and consultants – each bringing a wealth of expertise to projects.

We specialize in online marketing and website development, taking great care to deliver solutions that produce results in key areas such as customer acquisition, engagement, and satisfaction. Our websites are affordable, fast, and optimized for the search engines.

Business services range from quick turn-around support tasks to in-depth consulting projects designed to positively impact the bottom-line.


Janice Aday Forbes

Janice Aday Forbes


Janice Aday Forbes is an Independent Business Consultant and the owner of Virtual Business Solutions located in Silverlake, WA, overlooking the magnificent Mount Saint Helens. She supports the success of her clients in the key areas of marketing, strategy, human resources, training and development, project management, and process engineering. Over the past several years she has honed her skills in online marketing and website development to support her clients in these key areas of opportunity.

Janice pulls from her extensive experience as a corporate executive and then entrepreneur to deliver programs that positively impact marketing, operations, customer service and company culture. She is an advocate of standardization and continuous improvement as proven paths to measurable bottom-line results.

Janice is particularly passionate about training and development. In two separate companies (Metro One Telecommunications and Wilco), she built training teams and programs from scratch to meet the fast-growth requirements of multi-location corporations expanding regionally and nationally. Her unique development model utilizes a 360-degree approach to the integration of training and development activities into all areas of the business – creating lasting value and significant return on investments. She continues to use the successful model with clients today.

Identifying opportunities, coordinating resources, and executing programs to produce results is her passion. Connect with Janice on LinkedIn.

Let’s Get it Done!

If you could choose one project in your business or career that, if completed, would have the most positive impact on your success, what would it be? Now imagine it done. What are the benefits you are experiencing? Now ask yourself why it’s not in progress. There’s a reason – and probably a darn good one!

Perhaps you’re too busy to even think about it, or you think it will cost too much, or you know what you need just not who you can count on to get the job done. Or maybe it’s all of the above.

There are many excellent reasons to delegate, outsource or call for a fresh perspective. Once you make that decision, it’s time to find the right person for the job. Check out our Services or Websites and give us a call or submit a project request.

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