Last night, the rain didn’t really bother me.

It was somehow comforting. I realized that it came from a sense of knowing what is ahead.  The rain will come, the days will be dark and eventually so cold.  The wind will howl and that is the way it will be…until it snows, and brightens the world once again with crisp, cold change. And so I found peace there in the raindrops, last night.

The morning did not disappoint – dark and damp, and yet the sun made a cameo appearance and brightened the world long enough to spark my inspiration for the day.

Time to step away from the computer and do a Fall Home and Office Cleanse!

Steps to a Fall Home and Office Cleanse

1. Put on some music.  Perhaps some oldies but goodies, or a little classic rock…whatever makes your skirt fly up and your body move!

2. Open all the windows.  And turn on all the lights!

3. Grab your Sage Stick and make a pass through each room saying so long to any old, stale, negative energy.  Pay attention to the corners!  For more detailed instructions on energy cleansing with sage – also called smudging – check out this great article from the Native American Research and Historical Preservation Society.

Young Living essential oils household cleaner

Young Living essential oils household cleaner

4. By now, you should be feeling pretty good!

5. Gather your natural cleaning products.  My favorites, of course, are Young Living’s Thieves Essential Oils collection made with Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark and Eucalyptus. If you would like to order some, head over to my Young Living Store, or contact me directly.

6. Gather some cardboard boxes.  One for things to discard and another for things to put away.  Laundry baskets work well.

7. And you know what to do from here…start from the top and clean and dust your way to the floors getting all the nooks, crannies and appliances.

8. Keep the music playing, the mood positive, and the body moving.  Before long you will have created a space to support your creativity, your business, and your big dreams.

Now it’s time for me to get busy!

Here is a House Cleanse 2 Hour Track from You Tube for inspiration!